Global issues from health to humanitarian crises to be tackled in ambitious research programme

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Sat, 07/22/2017 - 14:50

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Research Councils UK Collective Fund is supporting upcoming projects in the range of £2 – 8 million over four years. It aims to build upon research knowledge in the UK, and strengthen capacity, to help address challenges, informed by expressed need in the developing countries. Up to 37 projects will be supported to build research capacity in the UK and in developing countries. One of the projects to be supported will consist of researchers, working together to look at how animal health affects humans in the One Health Regional Network for the Horn of Africa Human health and wellbeing referred to as the HORN. It will aim to create a One Health regional network in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea – training local scientists and conducting research. The hope is to understand better the health links between people, animals and the environment. This should lead to improved nutrition, less risk of new diseases emerging from animals, and more prosperity as well as a strong system in place for conducting further research. HORN is a partnership primarily between the University of Liverpool with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia; University of Nairobi, International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya; University of Asmara, Eritrea; and IAGD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School, Somalia. University of Nairobi will be represented in the network by Dr Ongore from the School of Public Health and Prof Kang’ethe from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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Sun, 07/22/2018 - 14:50
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Dr. Dismas Ongore

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