Vision, Mission and Core Values

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Vision: A world class School of Public Health committed to excellence in scholarly pursuit, scientific research and service delivery.

Mission: To provide quality public health education and training, research and service delivery that embodies the aspirations of the Kenya people and global community through creation, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of public health knowledge.

Core Values

Excellence: We are committed to benchmarking services with the best in the world and seeking to perfect all that we do

Team work: Our work philosophy will espouse the importance of promoting solidarity among the  staff and entrenching participatory approaches in planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of programmes

Quality: We are committed to conform to set standards while being responsive to clients’ needs/expectations

Integrity: We will display honesty and ethical behavior, keeping our word and doing things transparently.

Equity: We will exercise fairness in all our interactions

Rights-focused: We are committed to entrenching rights-based approaches in all our programmes

Innovativeness: We are open to new ideas and generate new knowledge to inform policy making

Respect for and conservation of the environment: In all our activities, we shall strive to respect and protect the environment

Professionalism: We shall maintain ethical behaviour, professional etiquette and honesty in all our actions and interactions

Freedom of Expression: We shall promote and defend freedom of thought and academic enquiry

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