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Method of contraception and risk of ovarian cancer data
Association of partner vasectomy, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate and intrauterine contraceptive devices with ovarian cancer
Cross-sectional study to predict subnational levels of health workers’ knowledge about severe malaria treatment in Kenya
Assessing the cost-effectiveness of contraceptive methods from a health provider perspective: case study of Kiambu County Hospital, Kenya
Water Scarcity & Health in Urban Africa
Spatial variation of fine particulate matter levels in Nairobi before and during the COVID-19 curfew: implications for environmental justice
Fathers and grandmothers experiences participating in nutrition peer dialogue groups in Vihiga County, Kenya.
Association between Primary School Students’ Unhealthful Behaviors and Overweight/Obesity: A Cross-Sectional Analysis in Urban Kenya
High Adherence to the Food Pyramid's Recommendations Avoids the Risk of Insufficient Nutrient Intake among Farmers in Peri-Urban Kenya
Costing analysis of outpatient services for major external structural birth defects: An ingredient approach in selected hospitals in Kiambu County, Kenya.