PHC hosts core competency students’ forum

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Tue, 12/01/2015 - 12:28
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CHS Lecture Theatre III

Core competency students’ forum attendees pose for a photo after the symposium.

The Public Health Club (PHC), through its core competency task force held a symposium for the students at the College of Health Sciences to get an insight of the various IT and business openings in the medical field.

The club invited Dr. Charles Kamotho, a medical doctor who invented the Find-a-doctor application to address the students.

The application has been a key tool in networking and the patient being able to easily seek mobile medical aid.

Dr. Kamotho was accompanied by Veronica George and Dr. Sheila Lakhoo at the event. In attendance was also the PHC patron Dr. Olewe, Dr. Olympia Tombe and a total of 80 students.

He took the students through innovations made in the medical field with the aim of improving care to the patient. He also illustrated the benefit of diversity in the field using Imhotep the first practitioner who other than being a doctor was a carpenter, priest and architect who invented the first pyramid.

Dr. Kamotho proceeded to give a detailed description of Find-a-doctor. He saw the need for the doctor to be able to follow up and even treat the patient without the patient having to travel a great distance to meet the doctor.

He also had the vision of finding specialists who can then see the patient especially in fields with few consultants. He pointed out how IT is actively playing a major role in medicine and the importance of keeping up with new inventions by attending forums which enable one to network while seeing what is new.

Dr. Sheila, who is visiting from Canada, spoke briefly about telemedicine. She explained how technology is key in preventive medicine by giving the student’s a sneak peek into the project she is working on.

The project involves using farm seed application, used actively by farmers to get market, as a platform to educate people in the community on the importance of healthy living in preventing non-communicable diseases.

On her part, Veronica George illustrated the need to expand ones circle of influence by carrying out an activity. The activity was aimed at answering the questions Why? What? How? One plans on carrying out a medical business.

From the activity it was clear one may have the purpose (why) and goal (what) in mind but networking is key in achieving them (how). She also insisted on the importance of carrying out a regular SWAT analysis on self.

Ian, a 5th year medical student, presented an application he and his colleagues have been working on.

The application is on pediatric protocols and is an easy way to access them.

Dr. Olewe summed up by encouraging the students to think out of the ward and reminded them that the initial call is to care for the patient.

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